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Protect Your Business’s Cash Flow and Limit Legal Liability with Our Professionally Drafted Ts&Cs

Don’t let legal uncertainties disrupt your business. Our clear, fixed-fee terms and conditions packages are custom-tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Located in Perth, Sydney and the Gold Coast, the team at Rise Legal help businesses Australia-wide with their terms and conditions.

Are You a Small Business Owner Who…

  • Faces challenges with managing late payments?
  • Seeks legally enforceable terms to secure business transactions?
  • Desires to minimise legal risks and avoid business disputes?

Move beyond outdated ‘handshake agreements’. In today’s less trustworthy climate, having a formal contract or binding terms and conditions with your clients is crucial to prevent significant financial losses.

Rise Legal: Your Business Legal Protection Partner

Our expertly crafted terms and conditions packages effectively address these challenges and more, ensuring that your business enjoys comprehensive legal protection, thereby allowing you more time for business development and growth.

The Importance of Customised Terms and Conditions in Business

Your business contracts and client agreements, represented by your terms and conditions, are vital for legal business protection and overall business success.

Terms and conditions establish a formal legal agreement between parties, outlining the specifics of the transaction. A well-prepared set of terms and conditions brings clarity to each party’s responsibilities, payment schedules, delivery timelines, and limits on liability. They are key in enforcing rights such as charging interest on late payments and undertaking debt recovery actions.

Drafting and regularly updating your website and contract/s terms and conditions by an experienced legal professional can potentially save you significant legal costs in the future.

Why Opt for Rise Legal’s Expertise?

  • Transparent, Fixed Legal Pricing: Be clear on your expenses upfront.
  • Bespoke Legal Solutions: Legal terms that accurately reflect your unique business model.
  • Proactive and Economical Legal Solutions.
  • Expert Legal Guidance: Leverage our extensive experience in small business legal matters.

Our Process – Designed for Small Businesses

Our transparent, fixed-fee pricing is designed with small businesses in mind, allowing for clear budgeting and financial planning. What can you expect working with Rise Legal?

1. Initial Consultation

We work to understand your business and its unique needs.

2. Customisation

We promptly tailor terms and conditions to fit your operations.

3. Legal Framework Implementation

We help embed robust and effective legal structures into your business for ongoing legal protection.

Benefits for Small Business Owners

  • Enhanced Payment Security: Strengthen your position for timely payments.
  • Reduced Legal Risks: Minimise the chances of disputes and liabilities.
  • Clarity and Compliance: Ensure your terms are clear and legally sound.
  • Individualised Legal Attention: In-depth engagement to fully grasp your business needs.
  • Skilled Legal Document Drafting: Legal documents crafted by seasoned legal professionals.
  • Reliable Ongoing Legal Support: Assistance readily available as your business evolves or expands.
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We understand the nuances of small businesses. Contact us for advice tailored to your unique challenges. Take the first step towards legal assurance and business success with Rise Legal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included in typical set of terms and conditions on a contract?

  • Price: The price you have agreed for the services needs to be clearly set out in your Quote (with your Terms and Conditions attached).
  • Payment terms: How payment can be made (e.g. by credit card, PayPal) and when it is to be paid.
  • Ability to charge interest on late payment: In order to be able to charge interest you need to include this right in your Terms.
  • Debt recovery costs: There is no right ‘at law’ to collect these fees and so you must have a clause which states that you have the right to engage debt collection services for the collection of unpaid and undisputed debts.
  • Termination provisions: For example, where an invoice is overdue.

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