Trademarks & Intellectual Property Lawyer

Your intellectual property (for example your business name and brand) are some of the most valuable assets in your business. We can work with you and help you protect these.

Did you know that the only want to stop someone using your business name is to trademark it. Did you also know that your Intellectual Property is most at risk in your relationships with people you with (staff, contractors and clients)

We can help you put in place measures to protect your valuable Intellectual property:

  • ZTrademark Applications
  • ZIP Licences
  • ZBusiness Structuring
  • ZConfidentiality Agreements
  • ZCustomer Contracts
  • ZEmployment Contracts
  • ZRestraints of Trade
  • ZContractor Agreements
  • ZTerms and Conditions
  • ZShareholder Agreements

There are so many ways people wish they had protected their Intellectual Property after is was stolen from them. We help avoid this pain.

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