Franchisor Legal Audit

Why You Need a Franchisor Legal Audit

If you’re a franchise operating in Australia, it is important that you comply strictly with the Franchising Code of Conduct as well as ensuring that your business is properly protected at the same time. An important element of running a successful franchise system is having the support of a team of excellent advisors around you, including a specialist commercial and franchise lawyer.

Even if you have an existing legal team, it is always worth bring in the specialists to review the main risks in your business and provide you with a strategy.

This is why we have developed our unique FRANCHISOR LEGAL AUDIT.

What's Included in Our Legal Audit

As part of the Franchisor Legal Audit we will review and report back to you on the following key elements of your franchised business:

  • Your Business Structure
  • Your Intellectual Property
  • Your Leasing Strategies
  • Your Business Relationships
  • Your Business Legals

We will do all our due diligence and then present our findings back to you and select members of your management team at a Personalised Workshop*(*workshop is either face to face in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast or via zoom).

Following the Personalised Workshop we will also send you a complimentary report detailing the issues we identified and the strategies we recommend for improvement.

This tailored programme takes us hours, as you could imagine, and we are delivering a LOT of value – but we have packaged all of this up into an Affordable Fixed Fee of just $3995 plus GST and Disbursements.

Also remember to ask us about our additional Franchisor services such as our Franchisor Document Review and our Franchisor Compliance Training.

This is not an online questionnaire, but a tailored service for you and your business! Help your business SURVIVE, THRIVE and GROW!

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