Brand Check

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The Brand Check is suitable for:

Anyone wanting to start a business or existing business owners who want a check on their existing brand.

Why you need it:

Before you spend money on your branding, you must first check if your business names are actually available and can be registered. 

We can assist you with looking at your business name, domain names and trade marks before you make any final decisions and spend money you might later regret.

Our CHECK YOUR BRAND SERVICE provides you with a comprehensive check and search results about your brand before you spend too much money on branding and then find out you can’t actually register the names or, even worse, that you are infringing someone else’s trademark!


What’s Included:

  • An availability check of your business name, company name and domain name.
  • Social media check on the names provided above.
  • Trade Mark search and registrability advice. 

If you are not sure which legal package is right for your business, book in for a free chat with one of lawyers using the link below: