About Rise Legal

Legal Solutions tailored to you and your business

We provide affordable, high quality legal advice to businesses and business owners across Australia.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and objectives so that we're able to provide individually tailored legal services. Our aim is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and become long-term trusted advisors.

We are not like a typical law firm - we hear that all the time. And we are very proud of that fact!

We really do care about our clients and go out of our  way to find the best solutions for their individual circumstances. We are definitely doing something right . just take a look at the fantastic reviews we keep getting from our happy clients.

We take our time to get to know our clients so that we can determine where their risks lie and tailor our advice and services around our client. We are  ‘client centric’ our clients are at the centre of absolutely everything we do.

We also offer competitive Fixed Fee Packages for most of the work we do so there are no nasty billing surprises.

Rise legal’ s managing director, Helen Kay, started off her career at the ‘top end of town’ working within some of Australia’s top law firms and ensures that the quality of legal advice remains at that level. So, you can rest assured that you are in the best possible hands.

We help business owners, from start up to sale, complete their commercial contracts so they can get on and run their business with confidence that they are protected. They have a great legal team watching out for them and providing a safety net.

Feel free to book in a free chat with us today .. we don’t bite and you might actually enjoy it !

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Avon Collis - Relevate
“Thank you Helen Kay for such fantastic and quick service. I feel much more comfortable now that my contracts are in order. I feel like I have more control if things ever go wrong. Helen made it such and quick and easy process, she took care of everything and made sure I was happy with the outcome. I took a unit of commercial law at university but my knowledge and experience is nothing in comparison to Helen's. Thank you again!!”
Matt Heywood - Heytech IT
"Helen was able to provide feedback on areas I hadn't thought of, exceeded my time expectations for works to be completed and continually communicated with me throughout the process. In an area of law where it has been typically found that her colleagues are less so socially inclined (while exceeding clever), it was both astonishing and refreshing that Helen's attention to detail is not only top notch, but she was a joy to deal with as a human as well. Looks like I just found my new lifelong commercial legal partner. If you're in need of a legal service in Helen or her team's realm, close the book - You just found a star."
I deal with a lot of legal firms for my Investment Property Clients. The informative posts and discussions I see have given me great confidence that I can recommend Rise Legal and be sure my clients are being respected and given the personal advice that benefits them first!
Deb Bie
"Helen was recommended to me because she specialises in Trademark & Commercial laws. I found her wealth of knowledge extremely helpful and valuable to me and my business, especially during this pandemic. Her professionalism and customer service was above and beyond and, she was very thorough and extremely prompt in helping with me. I would very highly recommend Helen and her services she provides."
Jackson Silvester-Lee
I’m absolutely grateful for having Helen who sincerely cares and genuinely wants to help guide me through all legal aspects with my small business. It has been incredible having Helen on my side.